Periodized Sport Psychology - Print Edition


Periodized Sport Psychology - Building the Bulletproof Athlete

Print Edition

Brian Risk is set to revolutionize how to build the bulletproof performer. Bulletproof outlines a step-by-step procedure to easily integrate sound principles of mental preparation into a training program ... for all sports and events.

This terrific new approach will bring performers from all sports, the entertainment industry, and the world of commerce to an exciting level of consistency and success. Brian Risk, one of the foremost speakers and writers on the circuit, relies on his proven style of integrating stories of triumph and tragedy to motivate readers to seek out full potential. Supplementing the information are anecdotal stories from NHL players, Broadway Stars, and Olympic medalists.

Reading this book will be an event! It will be one of those jawing dropping times where you stop in your tracks and realize that you’ve got it! Coaches and psychology experts involved in the review process thus far have been overwhelmingly supportive. Coaches will move to a whole new level of performance with the simple and proven techniques. The book will outline and discuss methods to get your team on task, keep them on task, and make them be bulletproof.

In this book, Brian Risk introduces eighteen mental skills and presents a program for introducing the mental skills into a training program for any sport / performance. The program calls for introducing one mental skill at the start of each week. This mental skill is then practiced for the entire week. For programs that do not have eighteen weeks in their season, the book presents two subsets of eight mental skills one for team sports and one for individual sports. By starting with one of these subsets, these mental skills become the foundation for future seasons wherein new mental skills are introduced into and added to the routine already established. Thus, over the course of a few seasons or a year, an athlete / performer can be exposed to the complete set of mental skills.

Table of Contents
  1. Chapters
    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Week 0 Introduction Free Sample Chapter (PDF) (Click for free download)
    • Week 1 Goal Setting
    • Week 2 Focusing
    • Week 3 Refocusing
    • Week 4 Reframing
    • Week 5 Participant / Observer Skills
    • Week 6 Distraction Control
    • Week 7 Emotional Control
    • Week 8 Shift in Momentum
    • Week 9 Countdown Strategy
    • Week 10 Activation Level
    • Week 11 Relaxation
    • Week 12 Imagery / Visualization
    • Week 13 Anxiety Control
    • Week 14 Simulation
    • Week 15 Post-game Strategy
    • Week 16 Sport Psychology for Coaches
    • Week 17 Media Preparation
    • Week 18 Transition
    • Epilogue Jessica Zelinka - Bulletproof!
  2. Appendix
  3. Supplemental Material:

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