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Information for Authors

We welcome manuscripts on any relevant subject or topic that will to contribute to the improvement and furtherance of the sport of Athletics (Track and Field). A comprehensive overview of our program is available

All manuscripts will be reviewed for accuracy of content and for the proper application of concepts to ensure that the information that readers will receive is both correct and not misleading.

The manuscripts submitted for consideration will also undergo a peer-review process. This process involves review by coaches who are well-versed in the subject matter covered by the manuscript and who can evaluate the material for appropriateness and accuracy. Comments of the reviewers will be considered as one factor in determining if the article will be accepted for publication. The identity of the reviewers will be kept confidential and any comments from them will NOT be shared with the author(s). The comments may serve as the basis for requesting adjustments to the manuscript in order to make it acceptable for publication.

The content of all manuscripts and the views expressed by the authors are their own and do not necessarily represent those of the Editor, Publisher, or reviewers.

All manuscripts need to be correctly formatted to be considered for publication. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically using MS Word, RTF, or PDF file types. For publication, MS Word files are required for the text portion of the manuscript. Diagrams, images, logos, photos, and other non-textual content must be submitted in an appropriate format. See the Author Guidelines for specific details.

Copyright: The copyright for all published manuscripts remains with the author or authors. A notice to this effect will be placed on every page of the final document (e-article or e-book). Authors are encouraged to file the copyright with the US Copyright office. Reviewing the contents of this web site is highly recommended. We are happy to assist with this process. There is a $45 USD fee for registering a copyright.

Author Royalties: For each sale, the author(s) receive a royalty equal to 50% of the sales price. Royalties are paid monthly when the amount is for an author $20 or more for the month and are calculated by the calendar month. Royalty checks will be mailed by the 15th of the following month.

Author Support Materials: