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About Glass Dragon Digital Publishing

The Glass Dragon Digital Publishing web site offers peer-reviewed e-articles and e-books on the sport of Athletics (including Track and field, Long Distance Running, Race Walking, Ultra Running, Trail Running, and Mountain Running) that are available worldwide 24/7/365. Our goal is to provide coaches, athletes, fans, and other interested parties with technical information on the sport both applied (practical) and research-based and general information on topics including but not limited to training, equipment, event specific teaching progressions, preparation for competition, race planning, supplemental training, and the sports sciences (sports psychology, physiology, biomechanics, training theory, etc.).

E-articles and e-books contain the same contents as a regular print article or book but is in digital format. This allows for immediate availability of and access - via our use once code and download procedure - to the e-articles and e-books that you purchase from the comfort of your home or office. In most cases, you can start reading within minutes of the completion of your order.

We expect to offer articles written by coaches, scientists, trainers, and practioners from all areas of the sport. Each author will bring their unique background, interests, and areas of specializations to the reader through their writings.

The target audience (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, master, all) is identified for each published e-article and e-book to guide you when selecting readings so you can pick those that are appropriate to your background, experience, and level of understanding, and to allow for growth in your knowledge.

We offer the royalties for authors that are typically higher than found in the publishing industry.

The Publisher and Editorial Board of Glass Dragon Publishing welcomes manuscripts from any interested individual or group of individuals who has information and material to contribute to the improvement and furtherance of the sport of Athletics, regardless of level.

Glass Dragon Digital Publishing is division of Glass Dragon Software, Inc., a 20-plus year old privately owned software development company. Glass Dragon Digital Publishing is located in Fairport, NY (in the Greater Rochester, NY area).

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