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Periodized Sport Psychology - Building the Bulletproof Athlete
Periodized Sport Psychology - Building the Bulletproof Athlete

Brian Risk is set to revolutionize how to build the bulletproof performer. Bulletproof outlines a step-by-step procedure to easily integrate sound principles of mental preparation into a training program ... for all sports and events.

This terrific new approach will bring performers from all sports, the entertainment industry, and the world of commerce to an exciting level of consistency and success. Brian Risk, one of the foremost speakers and writers on the circuit, relies on his proven style of integrating stories of triumph and tragedy to motivate readers to seek out full potential. Supplementing the information are anecdotal stories from NHL players, Broadway Stars, and Olympic medalists.

Reading this book will be an event! It will be one of those jawing dropping times where you stop in your tracks and realize that you’ve got it! Coaches and psychology experts involved in the review process thus far have been overwhelmingly supportive. Coaches will move to a whole new level of performance with the simple and proven techniques. The book will outline and discuss methods to get your team on task, keep them on task, and make them be bulletproof.

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"Periodized Sport Psychology - Building the Bulletproof Athlete"
by Brian Risk

In this book, Brian Risk introduces eighteen mental skills and presents a program for introducing the mental skills into a training program for any sport / performance. The program calls for introducing one mental skill at the start of each week. This mental skill is then practiced for the entire week. For programs that do not have eighteen weeks in their season, the book presents two subsets of eight mental skills one for team sports and one for individual sports. By starting with one of these subsets, these mental skills become the foundation for future seasons wherein new mental skills are introduced into and added to the routine already established. Thus, over the course of a few seasons or a year, an athlete / performer can be exposed to the complete set of mental skills.

Table of Contents
  1. Chapters
    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Week 0 Introduction Free Sample Chapter (PDF)
    • Week 1 Goal Setting
    • Week 2 Focusing
    • Week 3 Refocusing
    • Week 4 Reframing
    • Week 5 Participant / Observer Skills
    • Week 6 Distraction Control
    • Week 7 Emotional Control
    • Week 8 Shift in Momentum
    • Week 9 Countdown Strategy
    • Week 10 Activation Level
    • Week 11 Relaxation
    • Week 12 Imagery / Visualization
    • Week 13 Anxiety Control
    • Week 14 Simulation
    • Week 15 Post-game Strategy
    • Week 16 Sport Psychology for Coaches
    • Week 17 Media Preparation
    • Week 18 Transition
    • Epilogue Jessica Zelinka - Bulletproof!
  2. Appendix

Reviews / Testimonials:

Brian Risk has produced a book that demystifies mental conditioning and gives the coach and parents a step-by-step handbook to systematically implement the principles behind sport psychology into daily practice and every day life.


Brian takes a week-by-week approach, which I found works perfectly for most high school seasons. From goal setting to the count down strategy and in game player management, Brian uses real athletes as examples and these athletes, with whom Brian has worked, explain their understanding and application of each of the eighteen major principles.

Loren Seagrave
Co-Founder, Speed Dynamics
Founder, Velocity Sports Performance
Chief Performance Officer, Life University Sports Science Institute

A great addition to the fields of coaching and sport psychology. “Periodized Sport Psychology – Building the Bulletproof Athlete” by Brian Risk provides insightful practical suggestions for athletes who want to develop a solid ability to compete consistently or coaches who want to optimize their teaching of the mental aspects of sport.

Steve Portenga, Ph.D.
Director of Sport Psychology, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Denver

This is one of the most practical books I have seen on the market in 30 years. This book should be on the reading list of every coach. The mental skills are at your fingertips!

Richard Gordin
Utah State University

The true test of a great coach is not only the longevity of their coaching career. A great coach should also be judged on the success of their athletes, after the season is done, the lights turned off, the shoes placed carefully in the closet. A “Bullet Proofed” athlete will possess the skills required to become successful in life. What Brian Risk has done so well in this book is to articulate how developing mental toughness in sport can lead to even greater rewards. This book is very personable, relevant and readable and should be essential reading for any coach or athlete that aspires to true longevity.

James Sniatenchuk
Pole Vault Coach, University of Guelph Track and Field Team, 2008, Men’s and Women’s Canadian University Team Champions Head Coach, Kitchener-Waterloo Track and Field Association
Level III Pole Vault and Horizontal Jumps Coach

This book is masterfully written. It is a must read for any serious coach or athlete interested in improving performance. I would strongly recommend this book be part of every coach’s and athlete’s library

Brent McFarlane
Head Track & Field Coach, 2000 Canadian Olympic Team
Author of “The Science of Hurdling and Speed”

One of the great mysteries of sport is: what controls what? Many people claim that sport is all physical, others ascribe a major portion of sport to the mental side, when in reality Sport is about 95% physical and 5% psychological, but it is that 5% that controls the 95%.

All things being equal, the athlete who has the 5% in order, or under control, will out perform the athlete who leaves the 5% to chance, or waits for it to be discovered.

Why leave such an important component to chance, or wait for it to evolve? “Periodized Sport Psychology – Building the Bulletproof Athlete” by Brian Risk, provides us with the aid that a coach needs to get the jump, developing that attribute so important to elite performance. For the athlete it structures that component of practice into a progressive structure and developmental component of practice that is so often neglected by coaches and athletes.

If you are to compete at the highest level or just to be at the top of your genetic potential Brian’s book is an indispensable part of what the coach and athlete need to achieve that aim. Sportsmen need to prepare all parameters of performance and Brian has outlined and outfitted you to do just that. His approach covers masterfully in an easily digestible format what one needs to do and practice to allow that 5% to direct that 95% to its genetic best. All of what one needs to improve psychological performance is there. This is one book or in this case one course that the coach and athlete should not be without. Mental skills are attainable, but must be practiced the same as any physical skill. Let Brian help you to expand your ability to be the 100% complete athlete. This work is extremely well done.

Dr. R. Craig Poole
Head Coach Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country, Brigham Young University

I have worked with Brian Risk over the past 20 years on National Team and other coaching assignments as well as in coaching clinics and coaching education committees.

Brian is an exceptional teacher and educator with the ability to explain things so that they are readily understood and therefore easily applied.

This important ability is reflected in his new book “Periodized Sport Psychology - Building the Bulletproof Athlete.” Unlike many books on sport psychology which tend to begin with theory, Brian’s approach is to show how the learning of important sport psychology skills can be introduced in very practical and effective ways in almost all aspects of the coach/athlete experience. This book will allow the coach to get to work on this important part of athlete development right away and as such it is a very valuable contribution to sport.

Bill Heikkila
National Team Coach (javelin), 1968 Olympian, Master Course Conductor for the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Canada

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R. Brian Risk

Brian Risk
Brian Risk

Brian Risk is a school teacher at Chippewa Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. His athletic experience includes the decathlon, pole vaulting, hockey, tennis, football, volleyball and basketball. He is the National Pole Vault Chair for Canada and is fully certified at Level 5 by the National Coaching and Certification Program. Additional certifications include Sprints/Hurdles, Throws, Trampoline, and Gymnastics. He has conducted camps, clinics, and seminars at numerous sites around the world including Canada, United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sri Lanka and more. He has served as a National Team Coach and Head Coach on fourteen National Teams including an Observer Coach on the 1996 Olympic Team. Coach Risk is also a freelance journalist to 8 international magazines worldwide.

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