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Heat It Up cover
Heat It Up! Achieving Full Potential in the Pole Vault

Heat It Up! is a wonderful resource for the athlete, coach, or enthusiast of pole vaulting. This is perhaps the most comprehensive vault resource ever published. Included are discussions of equipment, skill analysis, beginner progressions, drills, stamina, strength, speed, skill, suppleness, recovery, competitions, sport psychology, and periodization all related directly to pole vaulting. In addition, National Pole Vault Development Chair, Brian Risk, has woven stories from the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and training camps throughout the text. His experience as a Lecturer and Clinician in Canada, USA, Asia, and the Caribbean are finally put on paper in a factual, readable and interesting format.

Table of Contents
  1. Chapters
    1. Pole Vault Equipment
    2. Skill Analysis
    3. Beginner Progression
    4. Pole Vault Drills
    5. Stamina
    6. Strength
    7. Speed
    8. Suppleness
    9. Recovery
    10. Pole Vault Competitions
    11. Sport Psychology
    12. Periodization
  2. Appendix
    1. Fundamental Athletic Leadership
    2. Lower Leg Injuries
    3. Indoor Vaulting Box Installations
    4. Coming Back After the Broken Pole
  3. Charts
    1. Pre-Competition Check List
    2. Scoring Chart
    3. Anthropometrical Data
    4. Self Monitoring Chart
    5. Yearly Training Plan
  4. Glossary and References
Heat It Up!
Item Number: B00001 Price: 15.99 Pages: 152
Title: Heat It Up! Author: R. Brian Risk
Keywords: Vertical Jumps, Pole Vault Level: All Target Audience: Coaches, Athletes
Edition: 1st Volume: ISBN:
Abstract: This e-Book is a republication of Heat It Up!, the very successful and highly regarded book on the pole vault. Brian Risk has done an excellent job presenting all the factors involved with helping athletes develop their skills and training to become a better pole vaulter and / or coach of the pole vault. This is a must have book for every serious pole vaulter and coach of the pole vault, regardless of level.
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R. Brian Risk

Brian Risk
Brian Risk

Brian Risk is a school teacher at Chippewa Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. His athletic experience includes the decathlon, pole vaulting, hockey, tennis, football, volleyball and basketball. He is the National Pole Vault Chair for Canada and is fully certified at Level 5 by the National Coaching and Certification Program. Additional certifications include Sprints/Hurdles, Throws, Trampoline, and Gymnastics. He has conducted camps, clinics, and seminars at numerous sites around the world including Canada, United States, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sri Lanka and more. He has served as a National Team Coach and Head Coach on fourteen National Teams including an Observer Coach on the 1996 Olympic Team. Coach Risk is also a freelance journalist to 8 international magazines worldwide.

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